save the Amazon rainforest

SO what's all this fuss about?

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most important carbon sinks in the world and home to an extremely diverse range of species, as well as numerous indigenous peoples. Man-made wildfires are currently ravaging the Amazon rainforest at an unprecedented pace, largely due to the actions of the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and due to corporate greed.

Ever since his inauguration in the beginning of 2019, Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro has been swiftly weakening the country's environmental legislation and the practical execution of existing environmental acts. He has also promised private companies increasingly wide access to the rainforest to make way for pastures, fields and mines. As a result, the rate of human-induced deforestation has already accelerated considerably as compared to previous years.

In addition to the climate and the environment, basic human rights are also under serious threat in Brazil under Bolsonaro's regime.

Read more on the problem, its causes and the ways in which EU citizens can take action to help the Amazon

From the perspective of an ordinary citizen, the situation may appear hopeless. But don't despair - there are many ways in which you can help. Remember to encourage your friends to join the fight too!

take action NOW!

Sending petitions to decision-makers is the most urgent and probably most important thing we can do as citizens, so we suggest starting with these. Ask them not to ratify the Mercosur free trade agreement until binding obligations for environmental protection are incorporated in the agreement, including concrete sanctions for breaking them. We've already made this really easy; you can copy a model letter and email addresses from our website.

Ways to help save the Amazon in order of importance

Petition texts and email addresses are already online. We will soon update the site with more information about other ways of taking action!

Sign other petitions (coming soon)

Public events, rallies and marches (coming soon)

Donate to organisations that help in the Amazon (coming soon)

Activism (coming soon)

Voting (coming soon)

Consumer and other boycotts (coming soon)

Consumer choices (coming soon)

Don't be a climate slowpoke, act now to help the Amazon! Please also remember to share the campaign to everyone and everywhere.

Pictures of destruction in the amazon

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Image 1: Burning the rain forest to clear pastures and fields (source)Image 2: Burning the rain forest to clear pastures and fields (source)Image 3: Burning the rain forest to clear pastures and fields (source)Image 4: Wildfires in the Amazon, photographed from the International Space Station in 2011 (source)Image 5: Wildfires in the Amazon as observed from the NASA's Terra satellite between 15 and 22 August 2019 (source)Image 6: Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil (source)

Pictures of the amazon rain forest

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Image 1: Amazon rainforest (source)Image 2: A pond in the rainforest (source)Image 3: Treetops in the rainforest (source)Image 4: Toco Toucan (source)Image 5: Linnaeus's two-toed sloth (source)Image 6: Strawberry dart poison frog (source)

About thE campaign

It's all too common for people to sink into apathy in the face of environmental disasters because they don't know how to take action and have no time to find out. This campaign aims is to make it easy to take action in a manner that really makes a difference. That is the only way we can halt the impending climate disaster.

We gather information from a number of sources and share it in a concise form. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to take action and to highlight the most effective ways of making a difference. We encourage everyone to contribute and share the campaign via their contacts to help us multiply the effect.

We encourage everyone to send ideas and take part in developing and sharing our campaign and this page. Join our Facebook group or use the form below to get in touch!


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